Get Plugged In!

OneTankFlights PRO plugs you into the world of general aviation! PRO is made for pilots so you can see everything happening in your area, and stay informed of new events, destinations, and pilot activity – at a glance. OneTankFlights PRO – Where Pilots Go™. 

Top 10 Ways to Use Pro

1. Did you have great FBO service or a fantastic trip? Use the ‘Like’ button on the airport page or any destination page and other pilots will see this recommendation!
2. Are you a Flight School or Flying Club scheduling a pancake breakfast or hot-dog social? Let pilots know by submitting your entry, and all pilots in range will see it on their News Feed.
3. Would you like to coordinate flights with friends? Add your flight, then see who’s going and discuss logistics. It’s like your own personal Fly-In scheduling tool!
4. Would you like to see a visual log of where you’ve flown? Add your advice for airports and destinations and see it displayed in a map on your ’My Places’ page .
5. Did you discover someplace you or your family really want to check out? Add it to your Wish List so you never lose track of it. And once you make the flight, any advice you give will remove it automatically from your Wish List.
6. Did you find a new gem somewhere? Use the ‘New Entry’ button to submit it to the rest of the community.
7. Are you an FBO that wants to drive more flights through your facility? Add an event at your airfield and offer fuel discounts etc. to promote yourself to pilots in the area. Submitting your entry displays it to all pilots in range on their News Feed.
8. Would you like to make some new friends by finding someone to fill the right seat or share expenses? Add your flight and all pilots in the area will see it on their News Feed.
9. Would you like to be a ‘local expert’? Help out a fellow pilot by responding to a question about a destination, event, airport, or fly-in in your area.
10. Do you have experience that would benefit other pilots? Share your advice or feedback on some place you went recently, so fellow pilots in the area can benefit.


We have great new software to connect the general aviation community. We hope you’ll plug in!